Slender Club Japan とは

スレンダークラブジャパン = Slender Club Japan (SCJ)は低侵襲カテーテル治療研究会です。
多くの細径デバイスを生み出しただけではなく、そのエビデンスや試用方法のTips & Trickを研究し、会員で情報を共有してきました。

Slender Club Japan (SCJ) is a research group for minimally invasive catheterization.We have not only created many small diameter devices(Slender Sheath, 4Fr 5Fr GC, virtual 3Fr GC, slender GW Slender Balloon) but also studied their pieces of evidence,  how to use slender devices, and tips & tricks of them. And we share the information with our members and friends all over the world.Of course approach site is one of the main issue for us, we are studying conventional Radial Access (cRA) and distal Radial Access(dRA).The field is still expanding to the point of reducing the use of contrast media, reducing radiation exposure, reducing patient pain, and of course, reducing the workload and mental burden of the co-medical staff (all kinds of healthcare professionals).

Every day we are dealing with providing the least invasive and most patient-friendly catheterization treatment in the world.

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2023/01/24 SCJ 2023の予定を更新いたしました。
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2021/12/16 SCJ AWARD 2016 in SLDCのお知らせ
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